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You Tube trafficou know I really have a soft spot for YouTube at the moment.  First I proposed to my stunning girlfriend with a video on YouTube while we were on opposite sides of the globe...

Tubetraffic couple

    Then I put together a little slideshow video for one of my clients running a high priced retreat (not in the internet marketing world).

    We put that set of two 10 minute videos online and in just 21 minutes (!!!) the first person called booking her place.

    Keep in mind this was someone who had NEVER paid a cent to my client before and the price of the retreat was around five thousand dollars.

    I could tell you more stories about online video but quite frankly I'm not willing to completely let the cat out of the bag yet.

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    Soon I'll be writing my own sales letter for this full package and adding a report of my own.

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P.S. What did my girlfriend say to my YouTube video proposal?  She said she cried watching the video and of course she said yes!

    That's part of the power you harness with online video - high emotional impact.

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