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Did you know YouTube serves up over 200 million video clips per day?

It's true...people are flocking to online video sites in droves, and they're watching so many videos, even network television is worried that they'll become obsolete.  It's so wonderful because barely any marketers really know how to use it as a promotional method.

Simply put, creating 1 video promotion today can potentially get you hundreds of thousands of visitors to your websites in the future...And it's totally free because these sites pay for all of the bandwidth, hosting and traffic to your video promotion.

alexa chart

And that's why it's important that you learn about this new medium that you can take advantage of it and advertise your products and services with short video clips, without paying any fees per viewer (Before it gets played out like all the other website promotion tactics).

But Creating Those Promotional Videos And Learning How To Optimize Them To Get Thousands Of Views Is The Hard Part...

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right video creation and promotion techniques that make some online video promotions work - while others flop.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right video promotion strategy, you can now have it inside a new eBook called:

Tube traffic ebook
TubeTraffic - Discover The Little Known Secrets Of Generating Free Website Traffic From YouTube!

This amazing eBook is the result of researching over 200 websites and over 100 video promotions!

Inside this eBook, you'll discover:

How to do important keyword research on YouTube before you ever start to plan your videos (picking great keywords to tag your videos with).
The most important information to look at when researching.
What types of videos are popular? Learn the 10 important factors that are part of almost all wildly popular videos.
Want people who watch your video to go to your website? Learn where in the video should you put your website URL.
Everything you need to know about how to brand the video with your company name and site URL using free (and easy to use) video editing software.
The secret to increasing your video views with custom thumbnail images.
How to build your own niche video community on YouTube with the groups feature.
Explained: The 5 minute process to create a custom profile and your own custom channel information (This will give you a big advantage when people sort for 'Channels', 'Groups', and 'Playlists').
How to to add effects like titles, credits, transitions, and soundtracks to make your video an exciting multimedia experience.
The secret of viral videos: Learn what makes people send YouTube videos to their friends, family and coworkers.
How to use videos as a sales device on your company website (even if people don't find your video while searching YouTube, you can still use video to increase sales).
What you should absolutely NOT do after you've uploaded your video.
You don't want to miss this: Where to get amazing software which can animate a human face into realistic looking cartoon.
Multiply your efforts with a list of more than 20 other very popular free online video sites.

And You'll Also Get Actual Case Studies...

Think it's all smoke and mirrors? Not so --I've included actual case studies of five different YouTube advertising campaigns which were wildly successful, so that you can emulate them...You can watch the videos for yourself and learn what made them so successful firsthand!

Case Studies:

Case Study 1. Simple Product Demonstration On Film Builds A Company.

How one simple promotional video of an employee demonstrating a company product got over 1 million views and built a brand.

Case Study 2. Amateur Video Sells High-Ticket Item

How an amateur video created by a sales agent only got about 350 views on YouTube but sold a high-ticket item worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (Proving that your video doesn't have to be seen a lot to be a huge financial success).

Case Study 3. Office Humor Sensation

How one technology company created a funny video about office life which was at one point being viewed thousands of times per hour.

Case Study 4. The 'Magical' Promotion Method

This case study shows how one affiliate promoter uses dozens of short clips to get viewers curious, then rakes in tons of traffic and sales as they follow the URL to his website.

Case Study 5. The Secret Of Borat

How the Hollywood hit film 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan used YouTube to make a low budget film into a sensation that raked in over 100 million dollars (and learn how you can apply similar strategies).

But Wait, There's More...You'll Also See Step-By-Step How to Actually Create Your Own Great Videos

You'll also get step by step instructions and a list of resources you can use to create great videos.

How long should your video be? The answer may surprise you...
The best places to outsource your video production to you just don't feel up to the task of creating your own.
Do you even need video footage to create a great video? How to create compelling videos from still photos.
Where to get pre-made movie clips (super-cheap) that you can use in your own promotions.
3 places where you find great production music clips online for video soundtracks.
Where to get great royalty photos, clipart and video clips to use when editing your videos.
How to capture the most controversial video footage.
Where to download free video editing software (and how to use it!)
The best way to practice making videos.
The best format to upload for high quality.
How you can get around the 10 minute limit if needed.
Who should be actors in your videos and what papers should they sign?
What kind of equipment you will need to have before you can create a video (you may be suprised to find that you might already own video equipment).
A little known (but very useful) feature of many digital cameras which few people use.
The best webcam to use for YouTube videos.
The best screen capture software on the market today and how to record your actions on the computer screen along with voice narration (use this to make software demonstrations, digital product demonstrations, or show off membership websites).

A Lifetime Of Free Advertising, Just For Creating A Video!

Imagine...With just the intitial work creating some promotional videos for your product or service, you get a lifetime of FREE advertising from it, simply by following our directions and posting the videos on YouTube (and other free video sites).

You'll also get a whole aresenal of specific tactics to use for marketing with videos...

Specific Tactics For YouTube Marketing

Building A Community On YouTube:
Creating A YouTube Group
Getting Subscribers To Your YouTube Videos

Promoting Your Own Products With YouTube:
Creating An EBook Trailer
Demonstrating Your Product
Promoting Business Opportunities
Marketing Yourself

Promoting Affiliate Products With YouTube:
Affiliate Domain Redirects & Affiliate Domain Masking
Tracking Affiliate Sales
Increasing Adsense Revenue With Video

List Building
How To Build Your List By Offering Free Videos
Using Video To Build A Personal Relationship With Your Subscribers

Trust Building
Educational Sample Videos
Video Testimonials For Your Product
Videos Of Customers Using Your Product
YouTube Videos As Content For Your Site:
Embedding Video In Your Own Site
Demonstrating Your Product
Using An IFrame To Keep Visitors At Your Site

Make Your Videos Go Viral
Posting A YouTube Video To MySpace Or To A Blog
Mailing Video URLs To Friends & Family
Informing Media Outlets
Offering Your Video As Content To Other Popular Websites In Your Niche

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Ebay video you tube traffic

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Step by step the 5 stages of adding your video to an ebay auction.
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Capture all the actions on your computer screen with audio as a working video.
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How to create your own video product How to create your own video product audio

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Easy to use software, step by step guide and professional players for your website allow you to put flash video on your site in minutes.
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With VideoWebWizard, You Can...

Video web wizard bonus

Convert Almost Any Video To FLV (Flash)
Website Format
FLV, VOB, ASF, and MP4 Video Formats)

Video web wizard free Choose From A Total Of 9 Website Player Styles
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Web video wizard check mark

Redirect Your Viewer To A Website Address
After Your Vidoe Has Ended
(To An Order Page,
Affiliate Link, your choice! 

Video Web Wizard Free

Different Player Styles For Your Different Videos

VideoWebWizard comes pre-loaded with one website video player called "Charcoal." 

And you can use a FREE bonus package of eight (8) additional website video players so giving you nine (9) players in total to choose from! (You can access this bonus package by clicking on "Install More Players" button in Step 3 of VideoWebWizard)

Here are some screenshots of all the players so you can see what the videos you create will look like on your site. To see a demo of a player, simply click on it. (Make sure your popup blocker doesn't block the preview popup window)...


(Pre-Loaded in VideoWebWizard)

"Blank Player"

(No visible controls...
Clicking starts and pauses it)

"Rollover Player"

(Hovering the mouse pointer
over it reveals the controls...
play, pause, & so on)




"Sky Blue"

"Pale Green"



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