From Zero To A $30 Million Business Valuation...
How I Used The Advanced
Maximize-Your-Exit System
To Sell My Business
For $2,086,770...

And How I Used The Same Proven System
To Start From Scratch And Build A Business Empire Valued At $30 Million Dollars

Special Report: How to build massive net worth
into your business and sell for up to twice
the normal market value...

Maximize Your Exit Teleseminar
by Harvey Zemmel
Business Exit Strategist

Maximize your business exit Waking up at 3am to a phone call from one of my employees was not what I dreamed about when I first went into business.

    As a business owner I know you can relate to one of those "business nightmares you'd rather forget".  Whether you own a shop, a restaurant - any kind of business - I know you've been there too working crazy hours under even crazier situations.

    My wife Sharon was saying something I could never repeat in polite company as I stumbled over to my buzzing cell phone.

    At the time I was running a chain of assisted living centers for the elderly and Debbie the supervisor of the night shift was calling because the basement was flooding with water.  She was worried because we had live electrical wiring down there.

    Here's a picture of the Longroyds assisted living center.  It looks much more pleasant with the sun out...

sell your business jpeg
Longroyds - one of 9 assisted living centers I was running

    Debbie told me she'd tried but no plumber or electrician would come out at 3am on a winter's morning with rain bucketing down outside and ice on the roads. 

    I didn't want to be out there either but as you know...

When It's Your Business The Buck Always Stops With You

    So I braved the rain and the ice and drove out to Longroyds.

I found out later a drain 3 miles down the road had collapsed which led to the flooding.  

    There I was in the dead of a freezing night using an old-fashioned hand pump to get an endless tide of water out of the basement before it could short out the wiring in the whole building.  

Maximum price for your business Iknow you've had to struggle through some tough times yourself - it's all just part of the journey when you run your own business.

    I know in your business you've had many times where you've "pumped out the basement in the dead of winter".

    I know you've sunk money, time, blood sweat and tears into your business over the years just trying to look after your customers and make a better life for yourself and your family.

    And you can blow every penny you've rightfully earned from all those years of labor by failing to sell your business at the price you deserve.

    It's crazy to rush into selling your business when poor preparation can cost you hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars.

    You need to prepare - even if it's still several months or years till you plan on selling.  Remember the business market is unforgiving...

75% Of Businesses Don't Sell

In October 2006 I commissioned a study to track down a whole range of statistics and data on business sales.

The researchers I contracted painstakingly went through online and offline data from the world's leading business brokers and financial companies including:
  • Thompson Financial
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Deloittes and Touche
  • Bloomberg
  • and many, many more...

I was shocked when the figures came back.  Of all the businesses listed for sale in the USA just 25% ended up being sold.

Think about that.  If you try to sell your business the same way as every other business owner you have a 75% chance that your business won't sell at all.

But the numbers are even worse than that...

Very Few Business Owners Sell At A Good Price

    It makes me want to cry when I see good, honest, hard-working business people like you sell at a fraction of the price they should have commanded for their years of effort.

    Especially when the number one reason most businesses won't sell or sell at disappointing low prices has nothing to do with the quality or potential of the business.

    What is the biggest mistake owners make when they try to sell their businesses?

    It's quite simple: they fail to prepare their business so it has the maximum perceived value to a potential buyer.

    Which is a real shame because setting up your business to cash in from all your years of hard work just takes a little knowledge and application.

    What can you do when you have a plan and your prepare your business for sale using the advanced Maximize-Your-Exit system?

    Recently I advertised one of my assisted living centers for £1,200,000.  Here is the ad...

business for sale

    We sent the details of this business to 20 carefully selected potential buyers.  11 showed interest, 6 visited over 2 days and I had two offers which I increased to the final offer...

I sold this running business for £1,050,000

    Here's the "memorandum of sale" from my business broker.  Notice I've left in most of the contact details so you can confirm everything I'm saying here is true...

Whitehouse business for sale
Documented proof I sold my business for £1,050,000 (US$2,086,770)

    In US dollars £1,050,000 comes to US$2,086,770.

    Yes, over $2 million dollars. Stay with me while I use this example to reveal the most important key to selling your business for the maximum price possible.

    This aged care business was making a net profit of around US$210,000 a year.

    The average price you can sell a business of this kind for is usually around 5 times it's annual net profit - approximately $1,050,000.

    But using my business exit strategies this business sold for 10 times its annual profit.

That's 2 Times The Regular Market Value

    Or a substantial US$1,036,770 more I can use to pay off outstanding loans and to put money in my personal bank account.

    What kind of difference would it make to your lifestyle and your financial dreams if you could sell your business at twice the normal market rate?

    Could you get out of debt?  Could you finally start living the life you dreamed of when you first got into business?  Or would you be able to fund a business venture you've always dreamed of doing?

    Back to my story.  Why would a buyer happily sign this contract to pay me twice the regular market rate for a business?

The Biggest Secret To Selling For Such An Astonishing Price
Is In Building Your Key "Business Metrics"

    Every industry has standards.  In the aged care business our key business metrics are occupancy levels and the net profits.

    The industry average occupancy is around 89.3% - in my business it was 98.7%.

    The average industry profits run at around 22%-25% - in my business they were 25%.  Just a few extra percentage points in one key metric can make a huge difference to the selling price of your business.

    The same principle works across the board whether you're a clothing retailer or a carpet manufacturer...

This Strategy Works In Your Industry

In my Maximize Your Exit system I explain how businesses in EVERY industry in the USA and Canada can massively increase their selling value by improving their key business metrics.

This strategy is proven to work in:
  • Retail including clothing, automotive, furniture, liquor stores, supermarkets, pet stores, marine dealers, florists and more
  • Financial Services
  • Restaurants and catering
  • Printing
  • Manufacturing including footwear, leather, machinery, clothing, textiles, lumber and more
  • Bars and taverns
  • Computer services
  • Auto repair, parts and services
  • Construction
  • Doctors, dentists and other independent health practices
  • Hotels, motels and other lodging businesses
  • Landscaping, lawn maintenance, cleaning and other industrial and home service businesses
  • And many others...

In fact I will personally guarantee the advanced Maximize-Your-Exit system will work for your business...

    Read what chiropractor and highly respected marketing expert Dan Curridan says...

Cut Our Workload 40% While Doubling Profitability...

Before meeting Harvey our business was doing okay but we were heading in 20 different directions at once.

Harvey immediately recognized 3 areas we needed to focus on allowing us to cut our workload by 40% while nearly doubling our profitability.

Also thanks to Harvey we were able to discover an opportunity within our niche no one else is focusing on that could revolutionize our industry.

Harvey has a gift for separating the wheat from the chaff and for seeing opportunities that most are blind to.

Dr Dan Curriden
, Atlanta, Georgia

    And what former nightclub owner and sucessful business consultant Tony Gedge says...

If You Want A BIG Payday Follow His Advice...

The first time I met Harvey I knew this guy was BIG.

Not in size but in his sharp and lateral mind...BIG in his ideas on how to maximize the value of your business!

Bigger than most as he has already done what he tells others to do.

If you want a BIG paypday when you exit your business then you had better follow his advice.

Tony Gedge
, Fuengirola, Spain
G-Edge Coaching Company

    If you act today I'm going to personally reveal to you step-by-step exactly how to increase your business metrics so you can sell
your business for up to twice the normal market value.

    In your advanced Maximize-Your-Exit program I'll reveal...

A Wealth Of Insider Secrets You Can Use To
Increase The Value Of Your Business FAST Including:

  • One vital change you MUST make in your business if you want potential buyers to know you have a business for sale not just a job running a business.  If you're ignoring this then the price you can get for your business will ALWAYS be much lower...
  • Why an asset in your business that you can't see could be THE most valuable commodity you own and how to make the most of this hidden asset when you sell...
    I'll also reveal key marketing changes you can make to your business that will increase your profits - and your business value - fast.  You'll be amazed at how simple and effective these changes can be including... 
  • The biggest secret to getting new customers or clients to your business without spending a cent on advertising...
  • How to multiply the results you get from any advertising you're doing now. This step alone can increase your profits by 10%, 20% even 50% or more...
  • The foolproof way you can find out which advertising is making you money and which isn't.  If you're not doing this you're throwing away most of your marketing budget on ads that are a complete waste of money...

    And much more...

    In the advanced Maximize-Your-Exit teleseminar series I take you deep inside the business processes and procedures I used to build another multi-million dollar business.  I'll reveal to you...

How I Sold My Share Of The Business After
A Leading Auditing Firm Valued The Total Company
At $30 Million Dollars

    Yes I've sold more than one business.  The second business I sold was shared with two investors.

    I built this business over 8 years as the CEO.  

    I was ready to sell but my investing partners wanted to keep their shares.  I knew the price they would pay to buy me out would be based on a business valuation.

    I'd been using the Maximize-Your-Exit system for some time and my "key metrics" on this business were impressive with
occupancy rates at 97.3% and profits at 32.1%.

    Both were well above the industry standards of 89.3% occupancy rates and 22%-25% profits.

    All I needed was a valuation no one could argue with.

    I hired one of the most highly respected business auditing firms in the world - Deloitte and Touche.

    This is a photo of the front page of their extensive valuation report... 

Business valuation audit
My business valuation from Deloitte and Touche

    And here's the key paragraph from their business valuation...

Business audit valuation

    Let me put what this paragraph means in simple English...

    Using the advanced Maximize-Your-Exit system my business was valued by one of the world's leading auditors at £15 to £18 million pounds.

    In US dollars that's $30 million to $36 million.

    My partners and I haggled for a while then they settled with me for a sum substantially higher than I ever could have asked if I didn't know exactly how to build selling-value into a business.

    And here's the best part of this whole story for you...

    In the advanced Maximize-Your-Exit program I'm going to share with you how to apply the principles and techniques I've learned the hard way - building and selling real businesses in the real world...

I'll Reveal To You How You Can Employ The Same Powerful
Exit Strategies 
In Your Unique Business

    In 8 weeks you'll listen in live to a series of 8 Advanced  Maximize Your Exit teleseminars packed with my best kept business building and exit strategy secrets including...

Teleseminar 1: The Maximize Your Exit Fundamentals
  • Why you must apply the "New York Subway" principle if you want to build, prepare and sell your business for the maximum profit...
  • A deadly  landmine you skirt around every day that can demoralize your employees and kill your business stone dead.  I'll reveal to you how to turn that landmine into your greatest asset without having to spend a single cent...

Teleseminar 2: Exit Plans, Timing And More

  • 4 key elements to creating your exit plan and the professionals you need to bring in early on to maximize the real profits you keep after a business sale...
  • The 3 key timing elements you must understand if you want to choose the ideal moment for the sale of your business.  Ignoring these key elements can decimate your selling price...
  • The most reliable way to ensure you stay on track with your exit plan so you get the price you want on your own terms...
Teleseminar 3: Business Valuation Secrets
  • The 3 dfferent types of business valuations and why you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type...
  • The 3 most common myths of business valuations.  Believing any one of these 3 lies can waste you valuable time and money...
  • How to determine exactly what your business is really worth.  If you don't know this you risk being robbed blind when you sell...

Teleseminar 4: How To Multiply The Value Of Your Business
  • How to identify the "key metrics" in your industry that can help you sell your business at up to double the normal market value...
  • 3 secrets to increasing those key metrics (and your business value) the fastest way possible...
  • The one thing that will drop your key metrics like a stone.  Ignore this at your peril.

Teleseminar 5: Increasing Your Business Profits Fast
  • 3 key strategies to increasing your business profits fast.  You can apply these proven strategies immediately and see your turnover and your net profits start rising in weeks - even days...
  • The fastest most effective way to get new clients and customers into your business.  This powerful marketing strategy is so simple and costs so little you'll kick yourself if you're not doing it...
  • How to increase your turnover from the clients and customers you already have and have them loving every minute of it.  When potential buyers look at your business having this simple strategy in place will be worth real dollars in the bank to you...

   These are all strategies proven in the real business world.  Read what businessman and leading marketing expert for dentists Angelo Titsas says about my advice...

3 Priceless Practical Gems Of Wisdom...

I recently caught up with Harvey at a conference in Chicago.

Literally 30 seconds after sharing my business idea Harvey blurted out 3 priceless practical gems of wisdom that will profoundly impact on my bottom line profits and ultimately skyrocket the value of my business.

His insights were so powerful that I feverishly wrote them down on the nearest piece of paper I could find...a drink coaster.

This coaster now hangs above my desk as a constant reminder.

Harvey's mind for identifying overlooked BIG opportunities is razor sharp.

This combined with his remarkable track record of success, make crawling over broken glass a small price to pay to have Harvey transform your business.

Angelo Titsas
, Yasman, New Zealand

And there's more including...
  • 5 secrets to setting up your business so it runs and increases its profits on auto-pilot.  Applying these secrets will give you freedom from the day to day running of your business and increase the selling value of your business enormously...
  • How analyzing and making small, simple changes in the way you and your staff perform day-to-day tasks in your business can increase your productivity and your profits exponentially...
  • The "wristwatch" secret you must know to get the maximum price when you exit your business.  This secret is so obvious it stares at you every minute of every day and if you're doing this wrong your chance of selling your business at anywhere near a good price is non-existent...

Teleseminar 6: Buyers Hold The Key To A Huge Sale
  • The different buyers you encounter when you sell.  How to deal with buyers and how to choose the right buyer for your business.  Get this wrong and you can end up with a bad deal that loses you real money...
  • How understanding a 1969 Joe South hit song can make the whole process of preparing and selling your business smoother and much more profitable...
  • Why you should never wait around for buyers to come to you and how to target and contact highly qualified, hungry buyers looking for a business just like yours.

    This will save you months of wasted time and can increase your sale price enormously.  Imagine having several hungry buyers trying to outbid each other to buy your business...

    What kind of difference can the secrets in this teleseminar make.  Read what health supplements businessman Gary Courtenay says...

See Your Business From The Buyers Perspective...

Harvey is a real businessman and a bona fide entrepreneur who profoundly understands what it takes to run a successful business and how to maximize its performance in all key areas that affect its overall value.

I have found Harvey's insight and advice in growing my business crucial in to building its worth which is now probaby double what it was before I asked him to work with me.

Key to Harvey's methodology is his ability to have me see the business from the buyer's perspective and this subtle but radical shift in thinking and approach will make me many hundreds of thousands of dollars when I finally sell out and as an added bonus I will be able to cherry pick who I sell to.

Harvey's gift is for immediately spotting key areas of underperformance and advising practical means of addressing these.

He also showed me how to use savvy methods to attract several prospective buyers thus ensuring that I achieve the maximum price possible when I decide to sell.

As a result of Harvey's involvement I will now be able to forward the date at which I'll sell which is not much sooner than I ever dreamed possible and at this point I will be both free and wealthy and be able to pursue other life goals.

I am extremely grateful to Harvey and I can't recommend his services highly enough to anybody who likes the idea of getting their business into shape and selling it for a lot more than they probably think it's worth now.

Gary Courtenay
, Stalybridge, UK

    And there's more...

Teleseminar 7: "Botox" Business Preparation Secrets
  • 3 vital cosmetic changes you can make to your business that will massively increase it's perceived value to a buyer...
  • The key systems you must put in place in your business to ensure it runs successfully after you sell.  These same systems make a business many times more attractive for a potential buyer...
  • How to choose the perfect time to sell your business.  Selling at the wrong time is a very common and costly mistake many business owners make...

Teleseminar 8: Contracts, Advisers And Negotiating The Best Deal
  • How to find out fast if a buyer is really interested or just a time waster.  This could save you weeks or even months of futile effort...
  • When you should walk away from a deal and the key times you should never let a buyer get away from you...
  • How to negotiate for the maximum price when you have more than one buyer interested in your business...

    I'll give you my full unedited, advanced program for making over your business to make maximum profits on auto-pilot and sell at the maximum possible price...

Get Harvey's Help Wherever And Whenever You Can...

I've met many specialists over the years and I've yet to find anyone who can match Harvey on the subjects of exit strategies and business growth.

If you're really serious about building your business as a long term investment with a view to retiring wealthy then there's only 1 man in the world who can provide you with world class coaching, guidance and advice.

Get Harvey's help wherever and whenever you can, take action and you're guaranteed to be on the right path to super-riches.

Paul Stewart
, Bolton, UK
Profit Masters

    And best of all during every teleseminar I'll give you a chance to ask any questions you have live...

This Is Your Unequaled Opportunity To Tap Into
The Expertise Of Someone Who's Built Real Businesses And
Sold Them In The Real World

    You can pick my brains and get all the specific solutions and advice you need to build the value of your business fast and avoid making costly mistakes when you sell.

    Think about what this kind of advice is worth to you.

    Remember using the Maximize-Your-Exit system one of my businesses sold for  twice the normal market value.  

    How much extra money would it put in your pocket if you did only half as well as me?  With a small business worth just $500,000 that would be $250,000 added to your sale price.

    Even if you sold your business for just 10% more as a result of following the advanced Maximize-Your-Exit program you'd be ahead by $50,000 or more.

    But I'm not going to charge you $250,000 or even $50,000 for the insider knowledge you need to exit your business at the maximum price.

    If you act now you can claim your full advanced Maximize-Your-Exit teleseminar series for just $2,997 and I'll let you get started for just $397...

Your First Teleseminar Session Risk Free...

Listen in to your first Maximize Your Exit teleseminar session for just $397.

If you're unhappy with the quality of the information you get you can walk away with no obligation.

And I'll even refund the price of your first session.

I'm willing to give you this completely risk free trial session because I know you'll be so excited at how just one session can revolutionize your business that you'll be thrilled to continue on with the full 60 day teleseminar program...

    But you must act now to claim your place in this teleseminar series.

    The first call starts on the XXth of XXXX and the number of lines are limited.

    I'd hate to see you miss out.

    Call  XXXXXXXXX or click on this link
to book your place now.

    This phone line is open 24 hours a day and my friendly assistants will be happy to answer any questions you might have when you call.

    You can pay by check or any major credit card.

And I have one more valuable gift for you if you act now...

FREE Maximize-Your-Exit Teleseminar Audio
Recordings And Transcripts

    After each teleseminar I will give you a full audio you can download online, send you audio CDs you can play in your car, in your office or at home and give you full printed transcripts you can read and refer back to as a ready reference whenever you need them.

    You'll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

    It's like having me on call 24 hours a day to whisper the business exit strategy secrets in your ear exactly when you need them.

    Book your place in the teleseminar series now and this is a breakdown of what you'll get...

Your Advanced Maximize-Your-Exit
Package Includes:

  • 1. Eight Live Maximize-Your-Exit Teleseminars
  • 2. Your Live Question And Answer Session In Every Teleseminar
  • 3. Full Audio Download Of All 8 Teleseminars
  • 4. Printed Transcripts Of All 8 Teleseminars Mailed To Your Door
  • 5. Audio CDs Of All 8 Teleseminars Mailed To Your Door...
All for just $2,997.

And you can attend the first teleseminar at no risk for just $397.

And it gets even better...

You Can Upgrade to the DELUXE Maximize-Your-Exit Package

For just a few dollars more at $3,447 you can claim your Deluxe Maximize-Your-Exit package with a full hour one hour one-one-one telephone consultation worth $2,500.

I'll help you develop your perfect exit plan in the fastest, most profitable way possible.

Call XXXXXXXXXX or click on this link to claim your
Maximize Your Exit Teleseminar Package.

Our friendly assistants are on call 24 hours a day to answer all your enquiries.  We accept checks and all major credit cards.

Full One Hour 1-On-1 Telephone Consultation
Worth $2,500 When You Upgrade To
The Deluxe Package

Harvey Zemmel consulting     You can ask me any question you like about building the value and profits into your business and getting the maximum price when you sell.

    Get 60 full minutes of the specific information you need right now normally worth $2,500 for just  $500 extra in your deluxe package.

    Why guess about what you need to do now to build massive value into your business and sell at the best price possible?

Get 1-on-1 guidance from someone who's done it in the real world...

    I look forward to helping you build the maximum selling value for your business..

Yours sincerely,

P.S. If you ever want to sell your business at any time in the future then you should get started using these powerful exit strategies now.

    Think about it.  Every day your business is increasing or decreasing in value.

    Why throw away real money stumbling blindly in the dark when you can use the proven business building strategies in the advanced Maximize-Your-Exit program.

    With all the sweat, toil and heartaches you've put into your business over the years you deserve the best possible price when you finally sell your business.

    You deserve to have the money to buy a bigger home, drive the cars you want, take the vacations you want, send your children to the best college.

    It's a shame for you to take peanuts for your business when you can create a huge payday for you and your family so easily...

Call  XXXXXXXXX or click on this link to book your place in the
advanced Maximize-Your-Exit teleseminar series now.

P.P.S. Here is some feedback from a few of my clients...

Quadrupled The Selling Value Of My Business...

In all my years of creating, running and selling successful businesses I have not come across anyone as knowledgable as Harvey in creating maximum value for a business.

Your advice on breaking down the value propositions of my company truly QUADRUPLED its selling value over any other price/value numbers normally used.

I also want to simply tell you "thank you" Harvey.

Your willingness to share your expertise, your gift for discovering the components that create more value and your knowledge of what creates value that most people never think of are just unparalleled.

I cannot express my gratitude enough.

I've owned everything from one location facilities to several multi million dollar organizations.  

Harvey Zemmel is a pro.

He'll provide more worth for the value of your business than anyone you've ever met.

No one will give you the ideas, input, guidance, structure and downright map to follow in order to sell your business for the maximum price.

Whether you're looking to sell today or several years from now, exchanging time with him will be a return on investment you will not be able to come close to elsewhere.

If you've worked hard at building your business and now perhaps you'd like to sell Harvey will show you how to create a price you'd only read about in Forbes!

Donna Krech
, Lima Ohio

For Every Dollar Of Profit I Make I'm Also Adding Value To My Business...

You have instilled in me that belief is everything.

You are truly making me rethink about my business.  I really appreciate the opportunity to create and share my big dream.

I now get the big picture.

I understand that for every dollar profit I make I'm also creating extra value in my business.

Elizabeth Andes, Bell, New York
Namaste Yoga

The Quality Of Your Information Is Second To None...

You really understand the challenges I face daily in my business and helped me enormously to overcome them.

You are empathetic, professional and the quality of your information is second to none.

Chris Payne
, Poynton, UK
Personal Growth Products

Call  XXXXXXXXX or click on this link to book your place in the
advanced Maximize-Your-Exit teleseminar series now.

Our Sessions With You Have Been Priceless...!

We're starting up and ready to go.  Our sessions with you have been priceless!

Your understanding of how to get a business started has saved many thousands of pounds.

You have infused us with the power of your knowledge and experience.

We now know at the beginning of our journey it's about income and equity

Karl Banks/Ben Jesson
, Rugely, UK

A Master Tactician And A Powerful Adviser...

Harvey taught me early on maximizing your strategy for growth must match a succesful strategy for a profitable exit.

He clearly demonstrated this was achievable as he built up his own business from scratch to $30 million+.

He's a master tactician and a powerful adviser if you're lucky enough to have him.

Michael Bloxam

Solid Techniques And Strategies "Outside The Box"

Harvey has provided solid techniques and strategies "outside the box" to effectively improve my company.

I have found his business knowledge to be solid and reliable.

He has guided me in "future proofing" my company giving me a competitive edge in this fast forward global world that's constantly changing.

Dr Maryann Rosenthal
, San Diego, California

Laser Sharp Focus On The Bottom Line

Harvey's success and business accumen are extremely impressive.

His laser sharp focus on the bottom line produces impressive results.

His wisdom is inspiring.

Sasha Xarian
, Reno, Nevada

Get Results Beyond Your Wildest Dreams...

Harvey Zemmel is THE master at exiting your business.

I have known him now for some time and been astounded at what his Maximize Your Exit program and formulas offer every business whether you're a start up or you've been in business for the long haul.

You can take Harvey's products, join his newsletter or get personally mentored by him...whatever you invest in is going to get results beyond your wildest dreams.

What I love about Harvey is his ability to see the big picture in every business but also hone in on the detail.  It's a winning formula.

I have never hesitated to recommend Harvey to one of my other high net worth clients (worth hundreds of millions of dollars) or indeed to anyone else.

Absolutely everyone currently in business or thinking of starting a business would benefit from his invaluable expertise.

Anne McKevitt, USA, Australia and UK

P.P.P.S. And here is the feedback from the attendees from my recent Maximize Your Exit seminars...

    "I would strongly recommend you attend the seminar BEFORE making the decision to sell."
    - Cintra Jaggins, Dignified Living

    "Great guy...Harvey has a lot of knowledge and certainly oozes integrity."
    - Sue Maddock, Key Support

    "This is a presentation by someone who has actual knowledge about this topic."
    - Rose Stewart, GTI Solutions

    "There's valuable information on how to build your business and get double the market value when you sell."
    - Norbet Narwengo, Faras Exterior Mastercare

    "Your knowledge was exceptional."
    - Paula Kidd, KSS 2000

    "If you are thinking of selling or even starting a business then it's worth attending."
    - Anthony David, Richmond Estates

    "An opportunity never to be missed!"
    - Tee Leey, MIC

    "Go to the seminar!"
    - Douglas Spector, Foundation Food Co

  © 2007 Harvey Zemmel Maximize Your Exit