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Dan Kennedy's Live
Magnetic Marketing Seminar
Completely FREE Below!

If you haven't heard Dan Kennedy speak live
then you're in for a real treat.  This is the live
Magnetic Marketing presentation and you can
download the audio right here on this page.

Dan Kennedy Speaks Live FREE Audio Below...

In this amazing seminar Dan Kennedy reveals how he developed a powerful direct marketing system modeled on the system used by debt collectors.

"If this will work to get money of people who've got none I wonder how well it would work  if we tried it on people who have money?"

This is a brilliant seminar for any copywriter, business owner or marketing student.

Right click and save each audio.

Dan Kennedy Magnetic Marketing MP3 1
Dan Kennedy Magnetic Marketing MP3 2

Also right click and save the pdf transcripts of the seminar courtesy of Michael Senoff...
Dan Kennedy Magnetic Marketing pdf 

This powerful marketing method can and does work with every business I can imagine.

And if you're a copywriter you really, really need to listen to the audio above...

  • You'll discover one of the greatest Unique Selling Proposition's (USPs) invented in the last 50 years that turned an ailing business into a dominant world-wide powerhouse.
  • Dan Kennedy's 3 step process that makes direct mail marketing exceptionally powerful.
  • The vital importance of planning what you do AFTER your prospects contact you from your direct mail promotions (you'll only get this if you're really paying attention)...

And if you present live seminars this is a brilliant example from Dan Kennedy of how to set up a pitch from the stage by providing high quality content.

You'll also see how a master puts together a pitch for a program into an audio presentation (this same method will work for online video presentations).

Enjoy the seminar (and see if you can pick out the testimonial from a now famous online marketing pioneer).

If you'd like to watch a full FREE 81 minute video where Dan Kennedy talks about the secrets of information marketing go to...
Dan Kennedy FREE Video

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